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HOW? By supporting you to successfully start and run your own business, GirlsGoneGURU helps you to build Financial Independence and a greater sense of self worth, both vital for becoming your own sovereign being.

Hey Gorgeous! Maybe you're here because~

You can’t bare another hour of being stuck in a mind numbing job, and you know that it’s up to you to change that.

Your current work is harming either people or planet more than you can stand, and you know that in the end, it’s up to you where you put your genius

You can’t rely on the system to take care of you anymore, and you want to be in a position where you can take care of yourself, and your family, pets, plants, planet and more! 

You have a glorious dream that just won’t wait another minute, and you need some help getting out of the starting blocks

You’ve made the jump! Woo Hoo! And now you need to figure out how to make your business work harder for you, and rather than you working harder for your business

Welcome To Girls Gone GURU!

A space where women can develop the skills to take their businesses online successfully. 
Where women can support each other for business growth. 
A space where we coach, teach and support female solopreneurs who choose to shine!

Your financial independence starts here!


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A space where women can develop the skills to take their businesses online successfully. Where women can support each other for business growth. 

A space where we coach, teach and support female solopreneurs who choose to shine!

And know that I will hold your hand, every step of the way!

Over the past 30 years, as a sales strategist and media business leader, I have helped innumerable businesses to successfully market themselves and sell their products. 

As I have grown more deeply in my values and my love of humankind and Mother Earth, I have shifted my focus towards mentoring and guiding businesses that bring joy and light to the world through their products and services.

I now choose to support conscious businesses that are aware of the impact that they have on people as well as the planet as a whole. 

Unfortunately not all businesses see that at a priority, which is why I have chosen to honor my truth, and work with GuruGals, like myself, who are following their passion to make a difference in their own unique way whilst incorporating a deeper awareness of the impact they are making. 

And so the birth of GirlsGoneGURU (GURU meaning ‘Dispeller of Darkness’.) 

Gilda De Araujo FOUNDER GirlsGoneGURU

Gilda is a seasoned sales expert from within  the media industry having held various senior roles. Namely: Managing Director of RadioHeads – a Radio specialist ad agency. She has managed key clients such as Standard Bank & General Motors. Gilda was the General Manager of the Radio Advertising Bureau – South Africa’s Radio Body and served as National Brand Sales Manager for SABC Radio. She also impacted the media landscape as Strategic Consultant in Sales for Primedia Broadcasting. 

She knows what sells and how to do it with ease. As a mum and entrepreneur herself, she brings in a wealth of experience that is varied across industry and market categories.

Gilda De Araujo

My 30 years in Corporate have been the ideal playground for developing the GirlsGoneGURU online business coaching practice

“Gilda is a strong, authoritative and confident leader, rather than a traditional manager and her track record is as a change agent (where I have seen her act as the catalyst, achieving outstanding results in at least three instances where the situations were extremely difficult). Gilda puts people first and her modus operandi has been to mobilise her team towards a clear vision. She has natural empathy and I admire her ability to create harmony and collaboration and build emotional bonds.

At the National Broadcaster in particular, Gilda was the catalyst that healed rifts in that organisation and motivated people during stressful circumstances. She led by example and managed to set and achieve high standards of performance, which survived for years after she had moved on.”

Rivak Bunce, Managing Director, United Stations

GirlsGoneGURU ~ A space where women can develop the skills needed to take their heart centered businesses online successfully. A space where women can support each other’s business growth. A space where my coaching, teaching and support takes female solopreneurs who want to shine, to go from good to FANTASTIC!”